Hello, I’m  Claudia Lucia Spoto and I’ve had the pleasure of being a make-up & hair artist now for 18 years. In the past 5 years have expanded into body art & visual merchandising too. I’ve always loved being creative and enjoying, film, theatre, music and dance. Inspired by my Italian roots; chic designs and styles to the elegant beauty icons, I originally studied Fashion Design., where my skills still become useful in my work and creative projects. Given the industry wasn’t quite for me so my career took a different path to the make-up world .

I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a variety of  talented, creative teams and well established photographers across South West England.  I’ve acquired a depth of experience, which reflects in my extensive portfolio.  People, places, food – just about anything can influence and inspire my ideas.

My journey to becoming a make-up artist began with a valuable 5 years  working for The Body Shop as a make-up consultant and deputy manager. Anita Roddick, a true inspiration! I discovered how make-up plays such a important role in our well being and the boost it gives to our self-confidence – no need for botox or cosmetic surgery! Realising I had more creativeness to unleash, in 1999 I completed a Theatrical Media Make-up Artist qualification in  Bristol, achieving two awards for the National Body Painting competition. More recent years, I came 3rd place in the Body Factory Competition, UK 2013 and 1st place 2014.

Make-up  to me is a moving work of  art.  How it transforms  a face or body fascinates me – creativity is boundless! Not only does it give importance and impact to what ever the creative brief may be, but also the way how it makes an individual feel. All this has inspired me to further develop my artistic nature to where I am today.

Along with my make-up kit, I always pack my professional, calm and friendly approach to my work. My passion continues to transform many faces and bodies.

To book me or chat about creative ideas, I would love to hear from you .