Body Art/Painting

Body Art/Painting is possibly one of the oldest art forms know to man, practiced for centuries in the Middle East, India & Africa . Today it’s expressed in many different ways all over the world – a beautiful moving canvas and certainly stretches the imagination of the artist and viewer. This is a unique and eye catching way to captivate and awe your audience for events, catwalks, music video, tv commercial, fashion and photoshoots and much more – the only down side after hours of prepping and painting it has to wash away!  

Proud to be winner of Body factory UK2014 & third place in 2013. 

All concept design, props, costume, hair & makeup  by Claudia Lucia. Please contact me for further information and personal quote.

Any Fin Can Happen – 1st place Body Factory 2014
Model Kena Change

Cosmic Girl – Body Factory 2013 – 3rd place
Model Claire Hindel by Tony Cooney

Camouflage RedSofa
by Tony Cooney

Naked Flooring Company – commercial shoot, shown at Grand Design Exhibition. Model Claire Hindle by Karazona Photography
Tailored Flooring – Quirky B – commercial shoot
By Karezona Photography

Camouflage Pendalton Blanket for Christmas event at Rainmaker Gallery
Phoenix – Inspired by Amorphiss’s deviantART
Metallic Goddess
Damien Lovegrove full blog 

Cosplay – Anck-Su-Namun featured in Glomp Magazine
by Henry Wills Photographer model Alias

Cavewomen – created the costume also.
Golden Jubilee – hair, makeup, body paint, costume

Beachwear Instrgarm Contest

Beachwear Instagram Competition

Body Love – ABC National Charity

Flight of Fancy – Inspired by Craig Tracy
Image by Kevin Voller – model Catalina
Henna Style Metallics
Zzzone Studio
Bristol Pictures

Your Street Gift Card Launch

Album Cover – T.L.V

Fire – self painted