Claudia Lucia goes Vintage Halloween

Written by Claudia Lucia Spoto

August 22, 2012

Trick or Treat?

You may have just noticed a touch of vintage influence throughout 2012 – from fashion, crockery to festivals and dance. So, as a treat for Halloween I went all vintage too. I wanted to create a chic but haunting look. Photographer Sophie Davies captured the mood beautifully. Her guidance to position us in the correct posture worked perfectly.

Colour palette of rich purples, plums and deep reds – just a few trend colours for this autumn/winter. White base is always ghostly, adding a touch of webbing effect and spidery eyeliner flicks. Hair was set in heated rollers. I even convinced to make-up my partner who usually shies away from the camera – slicked 1930’s hair, soft shading around eyes, cheeks and over accentuated edgy eyebrows.

Styled from what we found from our wardrobes, we put together outfits for an evening out. My tailored, velvet trimmed ‘Van Allen’ jacket is a great hand-me-down, courtesy of my Mum who thankfully kept it from the 1970’s – now that’s pretty vintage!

Sophie Davies Photography –

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