Make-up fit for a Queen – Diamond Jubliee Tribute

Written by Claudia Lucia Spoto

June 21, 2012

I teamed up with my colleagues at Clifton Photographic Company, creating our own queen for the day, LMT. For make-up, I wanted to achieve a soft 1950?s style; began with a full coverage foundation, perfect for photo shoots.  Applied soft tones for eyeshadow, MAC ‘haux’ and ‘vanilla’ with a bit of ‘nylon’ for touch of  shimmer. Dark brown kohl eye pencil was applied for eye shape definition, then redefining with L’Oreal eye gel.

A white kohl eye pencil applied on the water line to open and brighten the eye. A smudge of mid-brown eyeshadow along the lower eyeliner, also used for the all important brow definition.  For that English rose complexion, mix of fresh peach and pink blusher.  Finishing off with model owns Chanel red lipstick – fit for any queen! (Hair created by Sophie Moore).

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