Latest video ‘Cigana’ by Claudia Aurora

Set in the grounds of an idyllic cottage – wait for it – in Combeinteighhead, Devon, is the home of a beautifully redesigned 1930?s Gypsy Caravan. This was the core inspiration for Claudia Aurora’s latest video, ‘Cigana’ which means gypsy in Portuguese. Claudia’s latin looks made it an easy canvas for me to create a soft sultry look, with an elegant feel. Along with Claudia’s perfect choice of wardrobe, although her gorgeous, tightly fitted corset wasn’t the most comfortable after 7 hours, and of course a bit of gold bling, she became a latina Cigana. Continue reading “Latest video ‘Cigana’ by Claudia Aurora”

Film Noir – Damien Lovegrove Production

Film Noir/Black Swan Photography Workshop.

Wow! What an inspiring 2 days being part of the ‘Passion’ photographic experience, a lighting workshop run by top photographer and lighting expert Damien Lovegrove.  Held in the stunning location Pipewell Hall, Northamptonshire, day 1 was all about ‘Film Noir’, how to create classic cinematography, Hollywood lighting styles.  Starring the beautiful model Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, who created the perfect femme fatale. Continue reading “Film Noir – Damien Lovegrove Production”

Bristol Body Painting – Crowning Glory

Inspired by The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…I wouldn’t call myself  a royalist, but I was swept away with all the celebrations with this momentous occasion. So here is my tribute to Queenie. The idea was to create a look for guest going to a jubilee garden party, as long as the rain stayed away! A second look a rock chic style for the evening.  Continue reading “Bristol Body Painting – Crowning Glory”

Bristol Based Fashion Shoot

Loved working on this shoot with the talented Sophie Davies and gorgeous model Jess, from Room3 Agency.  Sophie’s vision was using quirky & vintage props to suit Uncle Sam’s American Vinatge Clothing, Park St. Bristol. Make-up was kept quite simple, eyes softly defined but edgy using a dark plum lipstick.  Unkempt hair, loosely pinned away from face. These amazing pair of antlers were shipped over from Amercia especially for the shoot. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the process!

Check out Sophie’s page for more images:

Flickr: Sophie.Davies‘ Photostream

Short film – The ISDEC Code

Trailer for The Isdec Code Starring Derek Fowlds from ITV’s Heartbeat.

One aspect I love about my work is the variety it gives – the opportunity arose to be Make-up Designer for 8 cast for a
festival short film, The Isdec Code. From creating cuts and brusies, natural to de-aging! Assisted in costume which I also enjoy being involved with.

A reservoir near Bristol was just one of the unusual locations chosen for one of the scenes. Shot in the cold winter months, it certainly had its challenges, but working with an experienced crew and a strong cast made it all worthwhile.

The Isdec Code is a thriller involving members of an anti-terrorist department who are on the trail of a new and deadly enemy. Produced by Stewart Mackay and David James – Directed by Stewart Mackay – Screenplay Martin Kirby.

Here is a link to Red Button Media where you can read more about the making of the film. Visit the photo gallery showing behind the scenes, cast, crew and locations:

Vintage style for Autumn/Winter 2012

Autumn is definately here. A few new snazzy garments to my wardrobe always helps to perk up the winter blues. A 1940?s twist to hair and make-up, compliments the vintage style purple maxi dress which is just one of the many beautiful dresses you can find at Anusha. Colour palette for make-up: warm greys, rich purple and a touch of antique gold. I love Mac ‘ Dark side’ lipstick, for sultry lips. Rich plums/ blood reds are colours to look out for the party season.

For more images from the shoot, visit my fashion portfolio or click on the link:

Claudia Lucia goes Vintage Halloween

Trick or Treat?

You may have just noticed a touch of vintage influence throughout 2012 – from fashion, crockery to festivals and dance. So, as a treat for Halloween I went all vintage too. I wanted to create a chic but haunting look. Photographer Sophie Davies captured the mood beautifully. Her guidance to position us in the correct posture worked perfectly.

Colour palette of rich purples, plums and deep reds – just a few trend colours for this autumn/winter. White base is always ghostly, adding a touch of webbing effect and spidery eyeliner flicks. Hair was set in heated rollers. I even convinced to make-up my partner who usually shies away from the camera – slicked 1930’s hair, soft shading around eyes, cheeks and over accentuated edgy eyebrows.

Styled from what we found from our wardrobes, we put together outfits for an evening out. My tailored, velvet trimmed ‘Van Allen’ jacket is a great hand-me-down, courtesy of my Mum who thankfully kept it from the 1970’s – now that’s pretty vintage!

Sophie Davies Photography –