Spruce Up Your Shed – Mural Art & Wellbeing

Spruce up your shed indeed! Art and nature are a great tonic for our wellbeing, especially during these uncertain times. In fact, any creativity is a fantastic feel good factor. Plot 13  has certainly helped spread some joy at Golden Hill allotments, in North Bristol with my hand painted mural art.

As a makeup artist, like many, work hasn’t resumed. So I’ve enjoyed turning to my paint brushes creating colourful, bespoke murals.


Sunflower-shed-muralMy shed project at Plot 13 was inspired by Helios’ sunflowers. The word comes from ‘Helianthus’ rooted in  two Greek words.. As a result, “Helios” meaning sun and “anthem” meaning flowers – flaming brilliant! Firstly, a weatherproof base was painted given a fresh base. Secondly, I used garden paints and acrylics. And finally using a fixer spray to make sure it doesn’t wash away.

For about 30 years, my Dad nurtured the plot, a relaxing hobby for him. Above all, his beautiful fig trees even made it in the BBC series ‘The Allotments’ !  Sunflowers are such happy flowers, so I wanted  them to be in his and my brother’s memory. Hopefully their spirits shine through brightly.


allotment-shed-mural-daisyAllotment birds on shed

The large daisies were simple and effective against the forest green background. I love birds and certainly being surround by their beautiful songs I had to make a home for them.  After that, I’ll be adding some buzzing bees and wisteria style flowers.

Art & Wellbeing

So it maybe a surprise to know, the act of creating art itself has proven to be beneficial to our health and productivity. Art has a powerful impact on an environment, for instance, it diffuses a harsh clinical feel or brightens up a dull office wall.

I’m sure we’ve all stepped into a place or a room where it can real quite sterile, low or stagnate energy and can’t wait to leave. When we’ve freshly decorated or put up an art piece in a room, it just changes the energy, reflects who we are, gives us that feel good factor, right? 

murals painting

Emporium of Loveliness, charity boutique

Therefore, beautifying an environment  stimulates our senses, helps us to feel more calmer, sociable, human. Furthermore, it has positive effects of reducing anxiety and depression while improving general happiness, confidence, and productivity.  Even medical profession suggest art in various forms to aid with our mental wellbeing, for example  Art therapy is particular good for children, and adults with dementia to help express emotions.

On another note, history shows us how our ancestors communicated by cave paintings and hieroglyphics. I wonder how long a Banksy will last for? ;-).

More Designs

This year I was so chuffed to be selected as one of the artists for Upfest 2020, Europe’s largest street art & graffiti festival, held in Bristol. However, due to the current climate, it has been postponed until next year. So lots of time to practice! More designs to come for Horfield & District allotments and one for The Flamingo Centre, a wellbeing centre. I can’t wait!

Golden Hill Community Allotment shed

Golden Hill Community Allotment Shed

So if you fancy sprucing up your shed, garage, wall or venue click here to drop me a line. I’d love to brighten up your space with a bespoke art piece for all to enjoy. Click Murals for my other interior designs. Canvases available too which make great gifts for all.

Moreover, you can catch my live videos  and updates of my latest work on my Insta @murals_by_claudialucia . 

Growing up, I’ve always felt the power of art and creativity has been underestimate. I think there is more than enough evidence that it’s a key factor to our wellbeing. Good news, there’s no rules, no limits in create art! 

Stay well out there and give art a go even if you doodle, go with the flow! 

Here’s a link to Skill Share free online art classes  enjoy!

Creativity is contagious pass it on – Albert Einstein

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