Beautiful bespoke murals to brighten up any space in your home, workspace, office or garden.


The word mural originates from the Latin word ‘murus’, meaning ‘wall’.

How it all started: My bespoke murals are a recent extension of my love for art work coming alive on a different canvas.  When friends asked me to paint something for their new born baby’s bedroom, I was really chuffed. After discussing ideas, colours & styles, ‘Harry & Friends’  was created. The brief was nature, birds and being colourful so their son would wake up in a bright & happy room.

I loved seeing the original sketch  evolve into the final feature piece,  adding  character to the room & bringing joy to the family. I found myself wanting to paint more, something I felt of a natural progression to offer this bespoke service.


My service for your bespoke art piece: My murals are all hand painted using emulsion or acrylic paints. I provide a consultation discussing your ideas and requirements. I’ll sketch out the design and once you’re happy, we are ready to go. Ideas can naturally change on the way, so it’s not a problem to tweak in the working progress. As you can appreciate each piece is unique. So depending on size, design and time scale the cost will be individually quoted. Can start from £150.

You can contact me just hereI’d love to hear from you.

 This peacock design was for a kitchen diner, tying in with the colour palette of the space. I completed this  in 2 days.

Here's a snippet of me working on this colourful creature: Peacock kitchen diner

What the client had to say: We had built and decorated a new extension some time ago, but it always felt incomplete. When Claudia suggested a mural I knew a peacock is what I wanted.  She came up with the design and used the colours in the room.  The initial sketch was great, and I was really happy with it.  It was fascinating to see the work in progress, and the finished mural is amazing! The photos actually don’t do it justice. I have had so many lovely comments about it. “ MP – Bristol

Client brief: To brighten up the porch entrance inspired by French wallpaper designer, DeGournay – Chinoiserie ‘St.Laurent’.  They wanted particular colours & style of flowers, to include birds and 2 peacocks with clean outlines.

Porch mural




      Porch peacocks © Claudia Lucia Murals


If you would love to have a beautiful bespoke art piece to brighten up any room in your home, work space, office or garden wall, please don’t hesitate to contact me just here.

I would love to hear your ideas and help create something unique for you. They make fantastic conversation pieces too!

Watch this space for more examples of my art work coming very soon.