Save Our Planet – Mother Earth Body Paint

Written by Claudia Lucia Spoto

April 5, 2020


Image Lee-Kay Barry – Piccadilly Circus

‘Kill Mother Earth’ – a silent statement by the Artist Olga Docheva – sounds strong but it captures your attention, doesn’t it? A campaign in an art form with the help of body paint. Its aim is to thought provoke and awaken us to take more action to help save our planet, Mother Earth.

Traveling Light Makeup Kit 

Facebook has its good points as a recommendation led me to work with Olga. On Sunday 23 rd February I set off to London on an early coach, however it was worth the travel to be part of the message to help save our planet, Mother Earth. A message also close to my heart and for millions of others too. 

When you’re travelling to a city like London you don’t want to be traipsing around with all your makeup kit. A total nightmare! So my condensed kit of appropriate paints and products were arranged into a large ruck sack, above all with essential snacks: Reese’s peanut butter cups.

body painting Mother Earth

Body Paint & Props

Flipping heck though, it was the quickest body paint I have ever done with only 1.5 hours to complete! Working at super speed to make sure Olga’s walk was to start on time.  It’s all in the preparation, having good brushes and paints, also knowing what will work for the best effect. 

Within 2 weeks she made the cross with a fellow artist, to signify that us humans are ‘crucifying the world’.  Statement words were also painted on to it. The fabulous costume made from blue plastic carrier bags referencing plastic pollution., which perfectly complimented the deep blue paint. Click below to see a time lapse of painting:

As Olga set off there was light rain, no! Good job I used Kryolan fixer spray to help stay put. A team of great friends assisted her as she started her one hour journey. Bare foot Olga braved her way to certain landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Oxford Street. Finally by the time she reached Trafalgar Square the sun came out – perfect timing! Thank you Mother Earth.

Body paint - Trafagar Square- Olga

For the gorgeous dark blue, I used Global Colours body paints because it’s highly pigmented. Other paints were Mehron Paradise Aqua Paints and pleased to add all are vegan and cruelty free products.


Positive Changes Together

Since this project started, pretty much most of the world (or soon will be) has been affected by covid-19. A total upheaval of normality to say the least. Certainly lucky the silent campaign went ahead before restrictions were put in place. And so true in Olga’s statement:

‘By changing our behaviour we change the world. Save the planet starts from You and Me’ .

Mother Earth is given us huge wake up call to the path of an unsustainable planet. Making humankind to hopefully STOP, RETHINK, REFLECT, REVALUATE on how we are living. What do we really need, what’s important to us now, how we can change for a brighter, better world? 

I like to believe and hope this pandemic has a global silver lining. With darkness for sure there is light too. It’s already shown solidarity, more connection in some communities/countries. The ozone layer has shown signs of healing. But with understanding, compassion and forgiveness together we can certainly do more to help save our precious Mother Earth. Small changes = big difference. 

For more information on Olga’s story, her vision on “Kill Mother Earth” here are links for updates:

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Photography: Lee Kay Barry

Great practical tips on How To Save The World For Free by Natalie Fee:

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