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Written by Claudia Lucia Spoto

August 24, 2019

Sustainable urban fashion makeup shoot


Beesknees Apparel Urban Fashion ShootBee is the founder & owner of Bees Knees Apparel (what a great name too). She handpicks vintage clothing, plus reworks and up-cycles, therefore making one off affordable and funky garments. All supporting sustainable fashion. How cool is that !? This is so key in todays world to try and change how we shop to counteract the consequences of fast fashion. 

Alfresco makeup booth

  Alfresco makeup booth

On location, luckily the sun shone for this stunning Spring/Summer shoot. My alfresco ‘makeup boudoir’ aka the boot of my car, did just the job. Working with a very talented local crew: @Emily Parker Photography.  Models @Mystery.Haus @MercyChiran and @KiranMorgan. The makeup brief was to be colourful and to suit all outfits. On Mercy’s gorgeous dark skin I chose bright pink pigment pot by Mac. In addition, orange and green tones for a tropical feel. For Mystery I applied yellow, pinks and purples which made her lovely green eyes stand out. Kept lips neutral and fresh.



I absolutely love clothes, textiles, fabrics. In fact, I probably have too many and some I’ve had for years. However, I do restyle for instance by adding different accessories. Furthermore, I’ve had a few hand- me-downs of my mum’s from the 60’s and 70’s which are still top quality and stylish. 

Beesknees Apparel Urban Fashion ShootNext time you’re thinking about buying something new, perhaps ask yourself: do you really need to? Can you give that old top sitting at the bottom of the draw a new lease of life? Or check out independent, sustainable retailers: click here  Bees Knees Apparel . With a bit of imagination, a few tweaks you can create cool outfits. Above all, saving your pennies and help our earth — what a great plan!



Beesknees Apparel Urban Fashion Shoot

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