Makeup for Bristol Production Companies

Bristol is a pool for video digital production, so many great companies around. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented creative teams in promoting UK leading brands such as VAX, Panasonic and Mac cosmetics. Working on DRTV ads, marketing films and photography.

It still surprising me how many crew are involved to make it all happen. Each role just as important as the next – never underestimate the role of a runner! And that’s not to mention the pre and post production.  A usual production day is 10hours; this may sound long, but sometimes the amount of shots to be taken within this time scale can actually be pretty tight schedule.

Make-up on digital productions usually has to be natural, with enough defination, not over done at all. Generally,  I like to use Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation mix with Mac Face & Body, really buffed into the skin giving a light, flawless effect.  I love Mac Blot powder, perfect to keep the shine at bay without blocking pores or creating a build up. Matte eyeshadow and blusher shades are applied as the camera does not like a lot of reflection.

Tenderstem –  1 of 6 online content for YouTube

Attention to detail and continuity is imperative in my work, so I’m always on the look out for stray hairs, shining faces and also keeping an eye on wardrobe. You can find more commercials, videos and film I’ve worked on,  just here.

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